Lucktastic app review

If you are looking for a great way to earn some cash on the side, apps are a great way to do that. Here’s what you need to know about the Lucktastic app.

Lucktastic is an app full of scratch off cards. These cards could win you points or cash, though don’t expect much cash. To begin with I was winning cash (.50 cents or less) left and right, now I could be wrong but I think this is to keep you excited about the possibilities.

Before and after each scratch off card you must endure a sponsored ad, which is how they make money, I assume. The ads can get annoying if you’re trying to play multiple cards in one sitting because you spend most of your time on the ads.

The majority of the cards only offer a few points per card so expect to play for awhile before getting anywhere. When playing you will come to a point where there are no more cards for the day, so you are limited in how many you can do. It is possible to earn more coins by inviting friends to play, if you want to be that guy. The other issue with this game is the decent gift cards take a ton of points but it’s free so what can you complain about?


Must have time and patience and expect little to come of it so as to not get your hopes up.

Ultimately if it sounds like something that would interest you it’s worth a shot.

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