Surveys on the go app review

The survey on the go app is one of the highest rated survey apps available. I honestly don’t know why.

I have had this app previously and deleted it, now I remember why. I downloaded this app for the second time about a week ago in hopes of finding a way to earn extra cash when I’m not working. This app is recommended on almost every list of survey apps I look at and I’m beginning to think they are all sponsored because this app is clearly awful.

In the past week I have qualified for ZERO surveys and refused to take one because they want pictures of my phone bill. First of all I don’t get paper phone bills and second off, just no. I feel like that is more information than needed.

Each of these surveys that have come up had the price tag much higher than what I actually received because about 12 questions in (basically half or more of the survey) it is decided I am not qualified and I am given TEN CENTS for my time.

Surveys on the go requires you to reach $10 before allowing you to cash out. The options to cash out with include Amazon, Visa, Starbucks, and PayPal, all fantastic options if by some miracle you make it to $10.

Less than one survey a day comes up on the app and then like I said, qualifying is near impossible. At this rate it will take me a little less than a year to reach $10. Completely a waste of time.


If you like rejection and never getting surveys then sure, download this app.

There are much much better apps out there than this one that actually pay something.

I suggest not to waste your time.

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