Shopkick app review

Do you earn money for walking into a store? No? Well, you should.

Enter Shopkick

This app is a gem that is not very well advertised which is sad for all involved. Most apps that give you points take way too long to get the points needed for any sort of reward, most lose patience before being able to obtain their first reward.

Finally, an app that gives you rewards for the things you already do (shopping, browsing without trying to look suspicious).

With Shopkick you earn points for walking into certain stores and also when you scan or buy items. Buying certain items and submitting the receipt earns you the most points but not necessary to earn a reward. Shopkick allows you to choose a gift card to work towards, these cards are for a variety of things such as Starbucks, Gamestop, Walmart, etc. I chose the Walmart gift card because the week after the paycheck is always a struggle. What I love about Shopkick is that you can get certain cards that have as little as $2, so if you’re hurting for money that second week and need ramen in order to survive, you can cash out with very few points.

After downloading the app it took me two weeks of walking into stores and scanning items, and I only visit a store maybe twice a week if I have to.

My husband got on board once he realized I was about to get a gift card that i wasn’t planning on sharing with him so by him signing up through my referral we both got 250 points or ‘kicks’ as they call them. This resulted in him reaching his first reward within a week.

Easy money is great but how many points do I need and can I choose different denominations?

This is the best part. Most of the gift cards start at one $2 which is normally 500 points (remember you get 250 for being referred by someone and another 250 if you refer someone and they walk into a store in their first 7 days, that’s an easy 500 points or $2 right there.)

If you happen to reach your $2 goal and you want to keep saving all you have to do is edit your reward and choose a different denomination, for Walmart, it’s $2, $5, $25, and $50. If you change your mind about the reward you’re working towards all you have to do is change it and your points will be applied to the new goal.

I can personally testify that this app is legitimate because I have already spent my first reward, oops.

This app is beyond highly recommended because it is super easy and relatively quick to hit your goal. The options for gift cards vary so there’s always something for everyone. If all you do is walk into a store with this app on you’ll earn points towards your goal, so really, why wouldn’t you do it?

Click here to sign up and when you enter a store in the first 7 days you will instantly get 250 kicks!

Remember to open the app when shopping to get your points!

You can use the referral code MALL745753 to get you started.

Invite friends and family to earn more kicks!

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