Growing your Instagram

Have you ever wondered why or how so many people have tons of followers but you can barely get anyone to follow you without wanting something? I certainly have, though not on my personal account.

I was taking so many pictures of my dog and had overwhelmed my facebook with my obsessed dog mom posting, so to Instagram it was.

My dog had over 100 posts and was barely pushing 80 and worse? For every follower he got, at least three others would unfollow. I was frustrated seeing all these other people getting hundreds and thousands of followers for stupid stuff when clearly my dog was the cutest most adorable dog out there. (see? Mom bias)

After talking with his trainer, who had contracts with companies for her dog, and several hundred followers, i took a few steps to up my Instagram game. Here is how I started getting (and keeping) followers by the dozens.

  1. Make your own brand- This is something I had early on but became more useful with more followers. Create a hashtag unique to you and your page. Make sure you put the hashtag in every post, and also in your bio, that way people that get lost in hashtags can easily find yours. Even if someone doesn’t follow your page, they can always follow your hashtag, which is exposure for your page, so go for it.
  2. Speaking of hashtags, use them generously I was tagging my posts with several different hashtags, but only a handful. Did you know Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post?  Use them all. Do some research, find hashtags that have over a million posts and use them every time. The more hashtags, the more people that your posts get in front of, ultimately leads to more followers. Some of the ones I use for my dog- #husky #dog #allthingshusky #instahusky #instadog #huskylife #huskypic #huskygram #blackandwhitedog #blackandwhitehusky etc. Find what is relevant to your post and hashtag, trust me, there’s a hashtag for everything.
  3. Follow back One of the biggest mistakes I was making was not following other people. Apparently, there is some unwritten rule that you should follow those that follow you, this caused my notifications chaos but did wonders for my numbers. Once I started following other pages that followed me my ranks grew, and grew, and grew, and keep growing. I even began following other animals Instagrams and many of them follow me back. Make sure you aren’t just following random people, it needs to be related to your page or it won’t help you very much.
  4. Be active- No, I don’t me go outside and exercise, though I’m not against it. What I mean by this is post often, comment back and on other posts that are not yours, and update your info often. When doing research on Instagram and how to grow my followers, I found many websites telling me what times of day to post in order to gain more followers, spoiler, it never worked. One website said between 2pm and 5pm EST was the best time to post. Nope, barely got anything. Do your own testing, see what posts get the most attention and at what time based on your content. I have found that late evening, middle of the night is best for my content but it is different for everyone. Don’t just take someone’s word for it. The goal is to get your content in front of as many people as possible, so look for slow days and trending hashtags as well.  Reply to comments posted on your page to get people engaged with your content, as well as post on others content to get more exposure from others.
  5. Enter contests- There are great ways to earn free stuff on Instagram and one of them is by entering contests. Even if you don’t happen to win, these pages have huge followings that you can get your content in front of. Contracts and deals have been known to come out of pure exposure, and the bigger the following, the more brands or businesses will want to get you on their team.


All in all tailor these methods to you and your page, and you’ll see results. Do your own research to see what would be best for you and never follow advice blindly, you could just be wasting your time.

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Happy Instagramming!