Hatred in America

So yesterday, in Newnan Georgia, a group of Neo-Nazis set up a rally through the streets. I just want to take a moment to talk about this because it is a serious issue going on in America right now.

This group was permitted to do their rally because they had the necessary permits that they required. I am not upset that they were allowed these permits because it is a freedom of speech and suppressing anyone’s voice is just not the way of America. With that being said it’s sad that we still have hate groups within our country or even within the world.

I am from the south, so while I do not condone racism I do understand where the thought comes from because it is still prevalent if even if only with certain people. I have family members that are still rather racist, to which I have to learn to ignore it. Too many arguments have come from trying to correct those that have not grown with our country.

Everyone is biased in some way and that is fine if you know that those biases are there and you keep them to yourself because you know they are unfounded claims. We’ve all been guilty of judging someone and in the moment noticing their race and maybe even blaming their behaviors on it.

Just because you think a certain way or feel a certain way does not mean that, that type of negativity should be put out in the world. I do not believe any one race is better than another nor do I think that an entire race could go into the same category of any stereotype. We are all different. We are all unique and we are all great in our own ways.

Do these people have a right to think and say how they feel? Yes.

Should these people display their hatred and ignorance in public for all to see? No.

We have enough hate in this world, it is what drives wars and politics. While it seems the world is moving towards acceptance these groups hold on to their positions that most likely have been passed down through generations.

It is insulting to everyone to spread hate and it is not the way the world should work.

On a positive note, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that the permit was for 50 to 100 Neo-Nazi members but only a couple dozen showed up. On the other hand, hundreds of counter-protesters showed up to promote peace and acceptance. The love outweighed the hate and that is a step forward in the right direction.

There is hope.

You dont have to like everyone, just accept them.